Water pressure cleaning

Lee Brick Cleaning Services offers the best services in high pressure brick cleaning in Sydney. At Lee Brick Cleaning Services we clean Brick walls, Brick houses and your buildings with High pressure liquid cleaning and acid wash. Our methods are modern and scientifically proven to clean in the cleaning market. Our Services are best in high pressure brick cleaning whilst applying years of practice and technology to get the best possible results. Walls, Driveways or offices or residential complexes have different types of brickwork. With time, grime builds up. Rapid Pressure Cleaning aims to restore the brickwork to a renewed condition. Another alternate option is Acid Wash which can only be carried out by professionals;. Both the methods are used in cleaning bricks and carried out to clean off any excess mortar. We use high pressure hot liquid machines that clean most brick works very easily. We will keep you informed about the progress and results and suggest the best possible way of cleaning your brick work to meet up your expectation.

Exterior brick cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Pavement Street cleaning

Lee Brick Cleaning Services are a Sydney based pavement street cleaning company providing environmentally friendly domestic cleaning services across Sydney. We have a range of services serving for all cleaning needs and encourage the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Driveway Cleaning

Car parks and driveway requires an experienced jet washing unit. Van mounted pressure washers are generally needed to pressure clean large arenas. If you are seeking a company for your pressure cleaning services, we are right here to restore your driveway making it look like new again.

Window Cleaning